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another facebook friend gone


It's a good thing I never post to this platform.

The friend I lost on Facebook wasn't from anything I did because we're on friendly terms. She "deactivated" her profile for some reason. No idea why and I may never know, nor will I contact her to ask about it because it's not important.

In late '21 I decided to stop posting to Facebook, save for one post I made in '22. The only reason I even have an account now is for use as an address book. However, as time goes on, people I actually care about are leaving the platform.

One friend I had on there deactivated their profile, a few months passed, it was activated again, then shortly deactivated again after that, and this happened two or three times. On the last deactivation, it stayed that way. My guess is that on reactivation, they were reminded of why they left in the first place, and then bugged right out again.

I have no reason to deactivate my profile, but at the same time I have no reason to even have a Facebook account anymore. Facebook has turned into what AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger were before they closed down - useless accounts that serve no purpose and do nothing but collect digital dust.

Speaking of old instant messaging crap, I remember when I used to use Pidgin (which is still around) for all my IM stuff. I've no reason to use that now. The modern instant messenger is the phone. Instant messaging never died, it just went mobile.

In various places across the internet, I've read threads here and there from Gen-X folk who proudly say they either have never had a Facebook account or deleted the one they had, almost like it's a badge of honor. It isn't, but they think it is.

The best use of a Facebook account for a Gen-X is to treat it exactly like I do. Have an account, connect it to absolutely nothing (never connect it to your phone,) never post anything except for maybe one profile photo, never post any personal information of any kind, and if anybody you care about wants to add you as a friend, let them. If anybody pesters you to get on FB messenger, just tell them to send you a message and leave it at that.

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