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fighting the baldness


As an aging GenX'er, something I'm dealing with that started last year is that I'm starting to lose my hair.

I made a decision years ago that if I ever started to lose my hair, I will not get Rogaine, I will not use the hair-in-a-can thing, I will not buy special shampoos or conditioners, I won't get hair transplants, and I certainly won't get my head tattooed.

In other words, I said to myself that if I start to lose my hair, I'll let nature take its course.

About 8 months ago, that time finally came.

If you looked at me as I am right now, you'd say "Um.. you're not bald, dude." I'm not, but the process has started. If you look at a Norwood Hair Loss Chart, I'm in between 3 and 3-Vertex. Not quite to 4 yet.

Am I fighting the baldness? Yes. But before I describing how I'm doing that, something that does comfort me is that I'm in my late forties. Some guys lose their hair way earlier in life, but my hair loss started much later, and for that I'm thankful. I had a really good run. There is also the slight possibility I might actually stop the balding, but I'm just going to assume that the hair loss will continue as I head toward my 50s.

This is what I'm doing to combat balding, and it is helping out somewhat:

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