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i need to stop explaining things to people


Just had a conversation with somebody, and I made a mistake. I opened my mouth.

A lesson I learned yet again today is that when somebody is blabbing about something, and you know they are flat out 100% wrong in what they're saying, don't explain to them why they're wrong. Just don't do it. Shut up. This is especially true if what they're saying does not affect your life in any meaningful way.

I didn't do that. I explained to this person, several times, why they were wrong with what they were saying. Didn't help. At the end of it, the person almost ended up crying in front of my face. Then I had to apologize. Okay, I didn't have to apologize, but did anyway.

What a total waste of time that was. Ugh..

I'm okay explaining things in written form. No problems there. But when talking, yeah, just better to say nothing. Or maybe just add in a few mm-hmm's and head nodding to make it look like you're engaging when you're really not.

The older I get, the more things I learn. There's part of me that likes to share knowledge and give advice for what I've learned. Even so, it's still better to just SHUT UP. Don't give advice unless somebody specifically asks for it. Don't try to save somebody from making a mistake, because even if your knowledge and/or advice is sound and good, that somebody will still find a way to screw things up.

And then there those who just cannot be saved. You know the type. Some people just turn everything into a disaster, almost like they're a walking train wreck. Never make an attempt to save somebody who cannot save themselves.

Like the old saying goes, some people exist just so that they can serve as a warning to others. When you encounter one (and you will), explain nothing to them and stay out of that train wreck.

gen-x chronicles