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old guy at the arcade


I recently went to an arcade with a friend. Many of the classics were there. Satan's Hollow, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Millipede and so on. There were also some newer games there as well.

I'm not 50 just yet and have some years to go before I reach that age, but while at the arcade I did notice that there really weren't that many people my age there.

When did this happen? I honestly thought arcades were just for old dudes. Nope. I saw a lot of young people there, including several fine looking women with tight jeans on (very nice to look at).

Was I the oldest guy there? I might have been. Did that bother me? No, because I like being around people that aren't broken. No crusties (old farts), no crutches, no wheelchairs, no deathfats, no haggard looking people. It was really nice. And because the place served alcohol, there were no kids there either. I had a great time.

This was the first time in years where I was in a place that was 100% occupied by normal people. As in able-bodied adults who aren't broken and need no assistance whatsoever. It was simply lovely.

About seven years ago I decided to get in shape. I lost over 50 pounds, started exercising and started eating better. If you're fat right now, lose the weight and stop eating garbage. Don't turn into one of those broken people. I've seen people my age (I am a Gen-X) that are already one foot in the grave because of bad eating and no exercise whatsoever.

I honestly didn't know the arcade was going to be full of people close to half my age. It seems arcades have now transitioned into just being more like regular nightclubs (at least for the ones that serve alcohol). I'm totally fine with this. Even though I was one of the older gents there, again it was just nice to be around non-broken people like myself.

gen-x chronicles