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oops, you just lost your bookmarks


A little while ago I had to recover from a small disaster.

I run two browsers on my computer. Firefox and Edge. Firefox is the one with all the stuff installed with ad blocking and such, while Edge is kept all stock. Some web sites simply won't work unless you use a completely stock browser, hence why I use Edge. Well, like an idiot I installed an extension in Edge, which then prompted me to login with a Microsoft account. I did, thinking it would only affect the browser, but it affected THE ENTIRE OPERATING SYSTEM. As soon as I saw that trash, NOPE, LOG OUT LOG OUT LOG OUT, both from Edge and Windows 10. What that did is reset the profile in Edge and erase all the bookmarks I had there. Yeah, that ticked me off, but since I didn't have that many bookmarks in Edge, I was able to recreate them from memory. I got the ones back that mattered.

Had this happened in Firefox, that would have been bad. I have hundreds of bookmarks in there. Fortunately it's very easy to backup Firefox bookmarks, either from the bookmarks manager or just copying two files, places.sqlite and favicons.sqlite, from the profile directory.

It's crap like this that makes me borderline paranoid whenever it comes to anything changes/modifies software. Just one little slip, and oopsie, you just lost your data.

Obviously, I won't be installing any extensions in Edge again. I'm leaving that as-is, which is what I should have done in the first place. Lesson learned.

gen-x chronicles