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select-a-size paper towels needs to die


Whoever thought of this should be slapped.

Paper towels. Something one shouldn't think about all that much. I didn't until the select-a-size crap started happening.

Every time I go to buy paper towels, it is a legitimate challenge to try and find FULL SHEETS of these.

It used to be the select-a-size crap was put off to the side next to the regular proper full sheet paper towels. You could always tell that everybody hated select-a-size because there were piles of them that went unsold while the full sheet sold regularly BECAUSE THEY'RE BETTER.

Well, those days are gone now. Almost the entire section of where the paper towels are is that select-a-size crap. And some of the companies who make paper towels try very hard to hide this. The part of the label that tells you this is always reeeeeally small. One could easily buy this junk and not realize they bought the wrong thing until they get home.

Some reasons why select-a-size sucks:

  1. Worthless for cleaning glass.
  2. Worthless for cleaning mirrors.
  3. Worthless for cleaning a hard surface, like a desk.
  4. Worthless for cleaning plates.
  5. Worthless for cleaning anything inside a car.

In fact, there is nothing select-a-size is better at cleaning compared to full sheet.

"Why don't you just tear off 2 sheets then to get a full sheet?"

Doesn't work. The perforation makes the towel tear apart while trying to use it normally.

"Why are you so opposed to select-a-size?"

Try a wiping motion with one of those half-sheet things. Yeah, your hand goes over the edge and you're left with smudges and streaks. This means you have to use more towels and waste more paper.

Select-a-size paper towels need to die. They suck and always will.

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