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simplifying the drive



I might be changing things around with the way I drive. Maybe.

Today I went out, and per what I said before about driving slower, that's what I did. Turns out that was the right thing to do. During my trip, I entered a certain part of town and the speed limit was 40. Being it's a nice day and there was hardly any traffic around, I said screw it, I'll drive 40 because I'm in no rush.

SURE ENOUGH, as I was putt-putting along, what do I see? A cop perched on the side of the road looking for people to pull over. I putt-putt on by driving the speed limit. No worries. Ordinarily I would have been driving 45 or 50, so I probably saved myself a speeding ticket right there.

I did enjoy the simpler, slower drive I took today, so I thought hey, why not take that even further by simplifying my navigation?

Right now I use a Garmin Drive 52 for navigation. It works fine, but it's not as legible as Garmin nuvi models made from '09 to '11. Specifically, nuvi 1450, 1490, 2450, 2460, 50, 2555, 2595. All of those are 5" models and are the easiest to read.

I just bought a model from '09 off eBay and it will be here later this week. It's not as functional as the 52 nor as quick, but where legibility is concerned, oh yeah, top stuff. Note that I said easiest to read. One of those 5" Garmins from '09 to '11 is actually more legible than any smartphone nav app, and also more legible than any infotainment navigation. The reason is big fonts, arrows with thick outlines and proper map contrast.

What phone apps and infotainment do for whatever stupid reason is make the navigation fonts small and skinny, make the arrows small and skinny, and decrease the map contrast. The end result of this is no matter how big the screen is or how high the resolution may be, it's worthless when driving because it can't be read. Those systems expect you to navigate primarily by listening to a voice telling you when to turn. Again, totally worthless, especially when you don't want a navigation system speaking to you while driving.

While my 52 works, it was worth the risk of spending a little money on an older one just to see if I like it better. I might. And if not, it will be nice to have as a backup.

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