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things will get better


It's been a crappy week.

The used Garmin Drive 52 I bought was bricked. Yeah, it was cheap, but I lost money on it. So I said screw it and bought a second new one. It arrived, I road tested it, it works.

Concerning the rest of the crap that happened this week, I can't go into specifics so this will sound vague as hell.

Right now I am in a hole where I'm trying desperately to better the current situation I'm in and have been for some time. Years. Steps have been taken very recently to get the betterment started, but unfortunately I have to wait for certain people to get back to me to know whether I can proceed or not. I'm doing the '80s equivalent of the waiting-by-the-phone thing where I hope the call happens and that it's good. I hate waiting. It's agonizing. If the call happens and it's agreeable, I move forward. If not, I have a Plan B.

I will get out of this hole, one way or another. Is it my fault I'm in this hole? Yes and no. Yes, in that I made the decision to be where I am right now. No, in that it's complete bizzarro world right now. Said another way, pre-2020, my fault I'm in the hole I'm in, and post-2020, not my fault because so much stuff has changed.

Bizzarro world is a mixed blessing of sorts. When the world is in a state where nobody really knows what the hell is going on, things get confusing, but at the same time more opportunities present themselves.

I'm trying my best to seize those opportunities, and am hoping I'll have my life back where I want it before 2023.

gen-x chronicles