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vitamin problems


As I get older, I felt I needed to take vitamins. I'm not taking them anymore.

There's a certain multivitamin I've been taking, and just out of curiosity I looked up the reviews on it. One review in particular really got my attention where it describes feelings of being irrationally angry all the time, and getting twitches on the right side of the face.

I said uh-oh, because that was the same thing I was experiencing. I'd just start feeling angry for literally no reason at all, and had mild twitching on the right side of the face (only when lying in bed). I also had trouble concentrating and brain fog.

After reading that review, I stopped taking the vitamin. Very shortly after that, the irritability vanished, as did the twitching, as did the brain fog.

Over the years I've tried a bunch of different vitamins, and the end result is always the same. I stop taking them.

There's only one type of vitamin supplement I've ever known that actually does anything beneficial, and only for a very specific reason. B-Complex. If I get dry cracking at the corners of my mouth, B-Complex fixes that right up in a few days. As soon as the mouth heals, I stop taking the vitamin.

Aside from that, no other vitamin supplement I've ever taken has done me any good.

For the multivitamin I just stopped taking, I honestly didn't think one could affect me so negatively, but it did and really messed with my head.

I think I'll be quitting vitamin supplements altogether.

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